Making Friends on a Powder Day

I came to Colorado mountain college for the same reason as many others endless face shots with a small side of class. This winter has proven to be a struggle on the powder front. So when I asked myself what I wanted to do for spring break that also happened to be my 21st birthday. I had a few choices. Vegas like most 21 yr old's dream had it's appeals however when I asked myself do I really want to spend 3k plus to get drunk in the desert in mid march.... hell no that's enough money to helicopter ski. Upon further research I didn't have any friends who could afford to go helli skiing with me but my best friend of 4 years did say he had enough to rent himself a snowmobile. Thus, the journey b

Slash and Burn

As everyone went home from the Slash and Burn I started wondering what and how did an event like this ever start to happen. So with a little bit of internet time spent I realized that this race is not the first and how it started as a lack of mountains available for snowboarders and zero competitions for them as well. Before I get into that this year’s Slash and Burn which took place on our mountain here in Steamboat Springs had a great showing of both participants and observers. For the 5th annual event there were 5 different categories (Men’s, Women, Masters div, Groms, and Switch) for boarders to participate in so no one is left out. While our own mountain has been doing this event for

Spring Break Aspen Valley Trip

Over spring break I went back home to the Roaring Fork valley, south of Steamboat. During the week I was able to ski a few times at some of the local mountains. We first went to Sunlight mountain just outside of Glenwood Springs. Sunlight usually doesn’t get the best of snow but you could really tell they were hurting this year. Even though I wasn’t expecting much because of spring skiing, I was still surprised. Almost every run had a lot of exposure that was hard to avoid. The snow was some of the worst conditions I have ever skied. Heavy slush made an easy groomer almost challenging. Even with the terrible conditions it still is a fun, little resort that’s easy to get back together with fr