Hi, I was one of the student participants in the CMC rail jam that happened on February 10th. It was one of the most fun and relaxing rail jams that I’ve ever been too. It kind of just reminded me of a fun rail session that you have with all of your friends just to have a good time. And honestly, that’s what skiing is all about, just having fun and appreciating how lucky you are to be shredding a rail yard on your school campus. I’m really hyped that I found a school that hosts and pays for rail jams for the student skiers and snowboarders.

But wait, the rail jam gets better, the student life coordinators hosted a raffle for all of the people attending the rail jam and gave away sick prizes like a ski carrier for the top of your car, a pair of Oakley goggles, and a sweet hammock. I would’ve been more than happy if I got any one of those products ( I didn’t) but it was so awesome to be able to hit some nice rails with a professional photographer taking pictures of all of us while fireworks were going off in the background, off of Howellson.

The fireworks were insane to just watch in general, the rails just made it that much more fun. On top of that there was always music pumping and the vibe was so much fun so I hope the school can keep hosting more rail jams and people keep attending them because that’s one of the most fun school events that CMC throws in my opinion. That is saying something because they have gymnastics night, (which includes trampolines) hot springs night, and free bowling so there’s usually something fun to do on or off campus. But on top of having a rail jam on campus, the school opens it from 1-5 on weekdays so if you don’t have time to hit the park on the mountain you can just skrrt on over to the campus park and hit a few nice rails. I hope all of you reading this can attend a future CMC rail jam and see how awesome it is!

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